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Threadless Closures Ltd
Crowdfunding, Equity, Syndicate Room

Issuer: Threadless Closures Ltd

Threadless Closures develops an innovative type of PET packaging for the beer industry. The product, named Xottle, is a glass-shaped widemouth container with a twist-off cap.

Location:  London, UK
Industry: Packaging Design
Sector: Widemouth Beer Packaging
Instrument: Equity
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 The company

  • Threadless Closures develops an innovative type of PET packaging for the carbonated beverage industry.
  • The company wants to give consumers a better overall experience and claims to see the technical challenges the industry currently faces as an opportunity to create sustainable value.

Deal information

  • The company is aiming to raise £200,000 for 8.19% equity. It is raising on Syndicate Room.

What we think

  • The product is at an advanced stage, having been developed over the last eight years. It is now ready for market, with many of the expected development hurdles already resolved.
  • There is clearly an opportunity for diversification beyond beer into other beverages.
  • However, while the timing may be right and the cost of production may be declining, the company will still be relying on beer brands being willing to pay a higher price to invest in innovative packaging.
  • Threadless Closures will operate on a licensing model putting the focus on its IP. But at this stage it is hard to value the company’s IP – it is not included in the current balance sheet.

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