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Aquapak Polymers Ltd
Equity, Social Impact
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Social Impact:  Conservation of the Natural Environment
Business Area: Recyclable Materials; Environmental Sustainability
Established: 2005

Location: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK

Aquapak Polymers Ltd (“Aquapak”) has developed a ground-breaking specially formulated polymer for use in thin film packaging. This innovative technology offers greater functionality than many regular plastics in terms of strength and durability in a wide variety of everyday applications. Additionally, the polymer is 100% fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable and has excellent ecological credentials in end-of-life processing. The new polymer process has strong potential. The base materials are all FDAapproved and hence the product is suitable for food packaging. With the rapid market growth of pouches for product portioning, the product can replace a significant amount of nonrecoverable plastic packaging. Aquapak can therefore make a strong and immediate contribution to changing the way plastics are used in certain global sectors such as food waste, hospital hygiene, electronics, clothing and food packaging, as well as in multiple niche applications. This report was produced for the Social Stock Exchange Annual Research Book 2017. It delivers an independent take on the Environmental, Social, Governance, as well as Economic performance of the members of the Social Stock Exchange.

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