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City Windmills Holdings Plc
Equity, Small Cap, Social Impact
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Social Impact:  Conservation of the Natural Environment
Business Area: Renewable Energy: Manufacturer and installer of vertical axis micro wind-turbines
Established: 2016

Location: London, UK

City Windmills is a UK registered small wind turbine manufacturer and installer with operations in the US, UK and Switzerland. The company currently produces generators for residential, commercial and industrial use. In contrast to the standard horizontal axis configuration that most are familiar with, the innovative and silent City Windmills generator is constructed around a vertical axis turbine. In addition to supplying wind turbine generators, the company has developed and is testing wind lighting products. named WindLightingTM. City Windmills’s objective is to become a world leader in small wind turbines for commercial buildings and households. The company believes that the economics of wind energy will encourage home and business owners to embrace small wind turbine technology, just as they have adopted solar power. City Windmills has design protection in North America, the European Union and Switzerland, and is investigating design protection in Asia ahead of a Japan / Asia joint venture. This report was produced for the Social Stock Exchange Annual Research Book 2017. It delivers an independent take on the Environmental, Social, Governance, as well as Economic performance of the members of the Social Stock Exchange.

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