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Football INDEX -Short Report-
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Date: 18 April 2016

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Company Name: Football INDEX (Fame Ventures Limited)

Company Information:

Betting on the celebrity of athletes

The company is the operator of, creating a tradeable market where punters can buy and sell futures contracts on 200 football athletes. The contracts are issued by the operator, paying dividends linked to the fame of the athletes and with the operator taking a commission when contracts are traded between punters. The price of the futures contracts will depend on the popularity of the athlete (more news coverage gives more dividends which again influence how attractive it is to buy/hold the futures contract). Punters can therefore realise a return on capital appreciation of the futures contract, if selling before the career of the athlete goes downhill.

Key Data:
Company Established: Incorporated November 2012
Industry: Gambling
Sector: Sports betting
Instrument: Equity Investment
Tax Status: EIS
End Date: 28th of May 2016
Equity on offer: 15.10%
Target: £800,009
Pre-money valuation: £4,497,268

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