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Shop n Social
Crowdfunding, Equity, Seedrs

Issuer: Plaqsa Ltd

A simple app that allows consumers to shop online with their friends.

Location: Stockport, UK
Industry: Web & Apps
Sector: E-commerce & Social Media
Instrument: Equity

All Street on Shop n Social:

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The company

  • Shop n Social aims to provide a free, cross platform shopping app to allow users to browse, share and chat while shopping online.
  • The app is yet to launch but is projecting 608,000 active users by December 2017 growing to 2.5 million in 2018.
  • Shop N Social estimate the combined e-commerce market in the UK, US and India (their target markets) is worth £77 billion.


Deal information

  • The campaign aims to raise £450,000 for 18.36% equity on offer. The deal is being supported by the Seedrs platform.


What we think

  • Together, the co-founders have combined circa 30 years of management, software development, creative and design experience, all of which are highly relevant to the business.
  • The company’s target market is the fastest growing consumer segment on the internet and the app is highly scalable. Shop n Social’s business model insulates it from handling inventory or delivery, managing order, processing payments or handling packaging and shipping.
  • But Shop N Social is yet to launch and has no active users. Developing a strong subscriber base is critical to the success of the business. A full plan to acquire users is not yet in place. The company will also face competition from other startups as well as established e-commerce and social media players like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


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