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Golden Lane Housing Ltd
Equity, Social Impact
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Social Impact:  Housing and Local Facilities
Business Area: Homelessness, Social and Affordable Housing; Poverty Alleviation; Green and Clean Tech; Construction and Development; Environmental Sustainability
Established: 1998

Location: London, UK

Golden Lane Housing Ltd (GLH) is a leading national housing provider for people with learning disabilities. Mencap established it as an independent registered charity in 1998 in response to the huge need for housing for people with a learning disability. Its mission is to provide quality homes around which people with learning disabilities can build their lives. To achieve this, all properties benefit from investment to meet GLH’s standards and tenants are provided with specialist housing management, repairs and maintenance support to ensure they can sustain their tenancy. The majority of GLH tenants have a moderate to severe learning disability and have substantial support needs. Most tenants’ rent is paid directly by the local authority. Tenants benefit from having security of tenure, safe and appropriately adapted accommodation that is well-maintained and situated in a good location. This, combined with specialist support, enables tenants to have greater independence and control over their lives. It also leads to improved physical and mental health, greater safety, better relationships and opportunities to integrate into their local community. This report was produced for the Social Stock Exchange Annual Research Book 2017. It delivers an independent take on the Environmental, Social, Governance, as well as Economic performance of the members of the Social Stock Exchange.

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