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Mozambique Renewables Ltd
Equity, Social Impact
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Social Impact:  International Development
Business Area: Renewable Energy; Biomass
Established: 2013

Location: London, UK

Mozambique Renewables Ltd (MoRe) brings sustainable biomass from Africa to the international energy market. The company only collects crop by-products and weeds to fuel its customers’ boilers, so no trees are cut down. MoRe is creating an entirely new market for crop by-products so that local farmers in Africa can obtain higher returns from their crop production, without losing any food output. The utilisation of crop by-products and weeds has significant social and environmental benefits by stopping the traditional land use practices that pollute the air and degrade the soil. MoRe operates in Mozambique where the company sources crop by-products in the northern Provence of Nampula. MoRe plans to construct a manufacturing plant near Nacala to make its biomass pellets and export the product from the local deep water port to the UK. This report was produced for the Social Stock Exchange Annual Research Book 2017. It delivers an independent take on the Environmental, Social, Governance, as well as Economic performance of the members of the Social Stock Exchange.

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