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SteviaLife Sweeteners UK Ltd
Equity, Social Impact
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Social Impact:  Conservation of the Natural Environment
Business Area: Food Manufacturing & Growing; Sustainable Farming; Low Carbon Production
Established: 2016

Location: Rwanda

SteviaLife Sweeteners Ltd (SteviaLife) grows stevia leaf which is dried and compacted and then sold to international refiners for the creation of stevia sweetener, used in food products globally. SteviaLife currently supplies primarily to Purecircle Limited (LON: PURE) which in turn supplies to leading food and beverage manufacturers such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever and Danone. The company has plans to build its own sustainable, refinery in Rwanda in accordance with its growth plans. This report was produced for the Social Stock Exchange Annual Research Book 2017. It delivers an independent take on the Environmental, Social, Governance, as well as Economic performance of the members of the Social Stock Exchange.

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