Our Services for Social Impact Investors

Whether you are looking to see a social or environmental return on your investment, we can help you to assess the impact mission of the company in question and the viability of the returns. We apply a rigorous assessment of the business case as well as the impact case for any investment opportunity you may be looking at.

To help you navigate the complex world of impact investing, we have developed our own Social Impact Assessment Matrix; a straightforward and comprehensive framework designed to present impact outcomes in a standardized way.

Our assessment takes the three elements of ESG, namely Environmental, Social, and Governance, and adds a fourth component, Economic. We believe that including economic outcomes is important because companies should be cognisant of the need to generate economic value in their activities.

In this way, our research allows you to assess a company’s economic, social, environmental, and governance performance in one place, giving you peace of mind ahead of any investment.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your investment process or to request our impact methodology.