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We focus on the important stuff, and we aim to be thorough.

We want to allow you to quickly and effectively evaluate investment opportunities and make informed investment decisions.

Our reports are insightful, rigorous and independent while providing potential investors with an in-depth understanding of investment opportunities across different markets.

We do not give investment recommendations. In a democratized financial system the choice to invest is down to you. The job of gathering the information to support your investment decision is down to us.

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What can you expect to see in our reports?

The scope and content of our research reports depends on various factors such as the underlying asset class and maturity of the company. Let's take early-stage business for example: How can you tell if a business plan makes sense? How can you evaluate whether the companies are fairly valued? What are its chances of success? What returns can you expect? What are the risks? Are the directors trustworthy? What is the exit strategy? Are you getting appropriate rights (such as voting rights) with your shares?

Investment Overview: Our reports begin with an executive summary of the opportunity. What return can you expect and when? What risks are you facing? What are your rights as an investor? We also explain the terms and conditions of the investment platform hosting the deal. We trawl through the small print of each platform to explain the fee structures and differing levels of post-investment services. Throughout our reports we explain the financial and industry terms – cutting through the industry buzzwords to give you an undiluted, objective analysis.

People behind the business: There is no way you can invest in a new venture if you do not have confidence in the management team. We consider the quality, industry experience and business background of the key employees as well as the people who support the business such as advisors, board members or venture capitalists.

Business Plan and Revenue Model: Businesses that do well address specific issues and offer unique solutions. We provide you with a clear overview of the company’s business strategy: What gap in the market is it trying to fill? How does it plan to grow? Who do they work with? Our team of analysts gather and analyse the key financial data relating to the company’s current operations, business plan and projected revenue generation. We present this data in an easy to digest and straightforward format.

Competition: In order to assess a business idea you need to understand the competitive landscape. Our report identifies the key players in the industry and analyses the company’s strengths and weaknesses compared with its competitors.

Market Trends: The size of the target market and the market growth rates are crucial to the success of a business. We answer the difficult questions: How large is the market? Is the market segment growing or shrinking? How fast? What disruptive trends do we see on the horizon? What regulation do you need to be aware of? In this the input from our industry experts is particularly valuable - helping you understand the trends, which drive the market.

Funding Needs and Company Financials: Funding drives a new business – expansion requires capital and start-ups often cannot support their growth from operating cash flows. When companies ask you to invest in their business they should provide details of how they plan to spend your money. We analyse the company’s funding needs: what growth the capital is supposed to fuel and how much money the company needs to meet its goals. Too much or too little can derail a company’s success. When raising capital businesses provide investors with forecasts. We bring a healthy dose of realism to these forecasts by subjecting them to rigorous analysis and comparisons with industry standards. Our industry experts raise red flags when other assumptions are unrealistic.

Peer review and external expert insight: The final ingredient of the All Street Report is peer review. We have built a network of external industry experts to provide added analysis, insights and opinions on the deals we research. During our review, we cross-reference and independently verify the information provided by the company in their funding pitch. Our process draws on a combination of third party data providers, industry reports, company regulatory filings, news sources and other publicly available data.

Final Assessment: After bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle it is time for a final assessment. We do not give investment recommendations but we do provide you with a comprehensive analysis of what we like about the pitch and what we think needs further thought. In a democratized financial system the choice to invest is down to you. Providing the analysis that empowers you to make an informed decision is down to us.