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UK Equity Crowdfunding Platform

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LocationCambridge, UK
Minimum Investment£1,000 (£5,000 after minimum investment target reached)
InvestmentsEveryone, UK bank account not necessarily required
Trust Account Operatorn/a
Trust Accountn/a
How it worksAs a first step investors need to read and accept the investment documentation for the particular issuance. When acceptable for them they pledge funds via payment provider (GoCardless). The funds are not taken from the investors account unless/until the investment round is successfully completed. The investor is notified in advance when investment amounts are taken. If the investment is successful, the investor will become a shareholder in the company. Syndicate Room does not hold client money. Syndicate Room always acts as an agent not as a nominee.
FeesInvestors: No upfront or ongoing charges, 2.5% fee of profit made by investors on each profitable exit; Entrepreneurs: basic fee of 5% of total investment raised (on deal completion), plus a transaction fee of 0.5% (GoCardless) and a one-off legal fee
What happens if I change my mindInvestors can cancel their pledged investments via the payment service provider until the amount is taken from their bank account
What happens if the platform fails?Syndicate Room does not hold client money or assets. There would be no impact on investors other than the fact that live pitches, to which some may have committed, would not be able to complete.
Type of ContributionAll or nothing
Funding Window Length90 days, when minimum funding target reach it will close after 7 days
Syndicated OpportunityYes, all investment opportunites have lead investor who needs to provide minimum of 25% of funds raised
Direct Platform Investmentnone
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