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UK, Equity, Early Stage and Growth Businesses

Tags: platform
LocationLondon, Uk
Minimum Investment£10/€10 (some campaigns may have larger minimum investment amount)
InvestmentsEuropean Residents (small number of outside Europe investors potentially allowed if no strong pre-existing relationship with entrepreneur)
Trust Account Operatorn/a
Trust Accountn/a
How it worksBefore you can invest you need to deposit money into your investment account at Seedrs which holds client money accounts at one or more major UK or international banks. Seedrs client money accounts are segregated from their own accounts. You will not receive interest on any money held in Seedrs client money accounts. When making an investment online an investment agreement needs to be executed. Seedrs hold shares for the Investor as a nominee and manages each investment on behalf of the investor, including signing documents, requesting regular trading updates and dealing with the various other administrative requirements of being a legal shareholder.
FeesIssuer: 7.5% on funds raised (Reductions: 50% on investors brought by issuer; target amount is >£500,000) Investor: 7.5% of profits (plus brokerage fee)
What happens if the platform fails?Any money in an investor's Seedrs accounts, and any shares held as nominee for an investor, will be protected. The shares in which you have invested will be handled as set forth in the relevant Investment Agreement.
What happens if I change my mind?If you hold money on Seedrs account, or or if money has been refunded or paid to your account, you can withdraw the money at any time. Once an investment is made, you can only cancel it within a certain time period and only if cancellation rights are provided. If no cancellation rights are provided and cancelation period expired, your investment is irrevocably committed and not cancellable.
Funding Window Length60 days
Type of ContributionAll or nothing
Syndicated Opportunitynone
Direct Platform Investmentnone
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