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UK, Equity, Early Stage and Growth Businesses

Tags: platform
LocationLondon, UK
Minimum Investment£100
Investmentsanyone with UK bank account
Trust Account Operatorn/a
Trust Accountn/a
How it worksInvestingZone acts as an agent but not a nominee. This means that investors buy a direct ownership in the company when investing through this platform. All shares offered on InvestingZone are ordinary shares with voting rights.
FeesInvestors: no feesEntrepreneurs: basic fee of 5% of total investment raised (on deal completion), GoCardless fee of 0.5% and legal fee between £1,500-5,000
What happens if I change my mindMoney is not pulled from your account until deal closes. Investors are notified that money will be pulled in seven days of deal closure and can cancel their transfer at any time until the money is drawn.
What happens if the platform fails?InvestingZone does not hold client money or assets. There would be no impact on investors other than the fact that live pitches to which some may have committed would not be able to complete.
Funding Window Length60 Days
Type of ContributionAll or nothing
Syndicated OpportunityProfessional investors targeted
Direct Platform Investmentnone, the platform reserves the rights to a 7 year option over 1% of the shares sold
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