Our Services for Business Angels

We help Business Angel Groups strengthen their pre-investment due diligence while taking away the time and legwork needed to do so.

Rather than splitting the due diligence process between your Angel Group members or paying for each segment to be completed individually why not hand over the full process to us. Our reports offer high-level third party deal assessment and comparisons plus overall market insights to give you even more context ahead of making investment decisions.

We can deliver a consistent, in-depth, and independent research report within 14 days; cutting weeks, if not months, off your due diligence process.

How it works

1. Tell us the company you are looking to invest

2. Tell us the level of analysis you want

  • Standard Research Report. See a sample here
  • In-depth Due Diligence. Get in touch and tell us your requirements

3. Tell us how you want to pay

  • Invoice total amount to the angel group or the lead investor
  • Divide the cost amongst your angel group members and tell us how much each member will pay. We will then invoice each member individually

4. We deliver your report in one or two weeks

To discuss how we can help your Angel Group or to tell us about a deal you want us to research contact us.