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ALL Street
Annual Research Book 2016
Social Impact
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Today, we recognise that a company’s profit is inexorably tied to the prosperity of its customers, employees, communities and society as a
whole. Profitability and social impact go hand in hand. The most profitable corporations will be those who align the needs of their business with the needs of the world around them.

Social Impact Investing can be a true driver of human progress in the
21st century, a mechanism by which our society’s goals get translated into socially beneficial results. Each of the companies admitted to the Social Stock Exchange is driving human progress in its own way, whether by providing essential housing, helping to conserve the environment, or promoting economic development.

In this Research Book, we introduce the All Street Social Impact Assessment Matrix, a straightforward and comprehensive framework designed to help the investment community to navigate the complex world of social impact. Likewise, we have categorised companies according to their social impact area using the outcomes matrix developed by Big Society Capital, rather than traditional industry sectors.

In this way, we want to encourage financial investors to use different lenses when constructing their portfolios.

We look forward to ever greater engagement in social impact.

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